The Maneater

CRAT training walks students, staff, faculty through how to address active threats on campus

MUPD officers explained their modified “Run, Hide, Fight” technique, as well as the differences in active threats and other crimes.

Higher education budget measure passes both Missouri chambers

The measure restores the $68.1 million previously cut from higher education.

Wopata, McAteer and Addington inaugurated as MSA president, vice president and speaker

The More to Roar slate was officially sworn into office during a small ceremony in the Student Center.

MU Engagement and Extension to work with Missouri communities on solving economic, education and health issues

The launch of new MU Engagement websites will allow MU and Missouri communities to collaborate to solve economic, education and health matters.

Missouri outfielder Cade Bormet in stable condition after collision with wall

Bormet broke multiple bones in his face, including his orbital bone, in the collision during Thursday’s game.

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