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Column: The importance of meaningful TV

We need to continue to be exposed to social issues and different types of casts throughout television.

Column: Column: The clock on sexual assault never runs out

The case against Kavanaugh has reignited the #MeToo movement – everybody’s story is valid.

Column: Long-distance relationships should not come before your mental health

My first real relationship was with someone who I was utterly in love with, but that love didn’t stay golden for long.

Column: #WhyIDidn’tReport: The epidemic of rape culture

Defining rape culture and how to educate society.

Column: If voting was a class, MU would fail.

With the 2018 midterms fast approaching, it is time for MU students to register to vote.

Column: More attention should be brought to seasonal depression

Seasonal depression needs to be brought into the light at this time of year, especially when students are particularly vulnerable.

Column: Group fitness may be worth trying

It’s lonely at the top, bring a friend to work out.

Column: It is time to end the practice of American slavery once and for all

Despite being hailed as the legislation that abolished slavery, the 13th Amendment has been used to support the practice of modern American slavery.

Column: Standing with sexual assault survivors means standing up for diversity and inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity make for more representative anti-sexual assault movements.

Column: Placing stereotypes should be a high school thing

Judging people for their passion is for high school, not college

Column: National Coming Out Day is the holiday the LGBTQ community needs and deserves

National Coming Out Day is a chance to celebrate those who have and have not come out yet.

Column: MU may have everything but healthier options at its dining halls

The “Mizzou 22” is not a joke, but rather a reality that students gain weight due to the type of food and availability it on campus.

Column: Healthcare is a human right, and America is doing it wrong

America needs to start thinking about universal healthcare

Column: If Kanye knows what’s best for him, he would hand the mic to someone else and take a seat

Kanye West’s most recent politically charged rants and outburst are doing more harm than good.

Column: Missouri needs medical marijuana now more than ever

With three medical marijuana initiatives on the Nov. 6 ballot, Missouri could go a long way in treating illness and the opioid crisis.


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